Havanese Housebreaking

Minnie and Lila Havanese Dogs 

My Havanese puppies are trained to eliminate on newspaper by the time they are 8wks. old. Once you get your puppy home you can follow any housebreaking method you like as you are starting out with no previous mistakes/ messes to confuse your puppy. 

It could take up to 6 month for your Havanese puppy to be totally housebroken. You will need to be patient, consistent and vigilant.

Paper /Wee-Wee Pad Training:

Place a few pieces of newspaper down on the floor out of the way of traffic, preferable close to the outside door. You can use a litter tray for dogs or those wee-wee pads if you prefer. 

Watch the puppy to see when he starts sniffing around and looks like he needs to "go", try to distract him by saying "AH.. AH.. AH.." "or "NO!", hopefully this interrupts him so you can get him to the paper in time (if he already started to go, holding down the tail may make him stop). Calmly walk over pick up the puppy and bring him to the newspaper and use a cue such as; "do pee-pee!" or "go Potty!", whatever the cue is be consistent in using it. 

Once he does the deed on the newspaper, praise lavishly. Positive reinforcement from you is all that is needed for him to know that relieving himself on the newspaper is what you want him to do.

You will start to notice that the puppy needs to relieve himself soon after waking up and within 15 minutes after eating, drinking or playing. Keeping a consistent routine will help you predict when your Havanese puppy needs to "go potty".


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Transition from paper training to outside:  

Choose an area of your backyard where you want the dog to relieve himself. Start bringing the Havanese puppy outside in advance of the time you know he will need to "potty". Say; "lets go out" and bring him to the designating area and give the "cue". You will have to wait until he does it so you can praise him. If he won't go, take him in and try again later.   

Some puppies may only want to do it on the newspaper. If when you bring your puppy inside after waiting for him to "go potty" and heads to the newspaper immediately to relieve himself then you may have to put another set of newspapers outside.  

Accidents will happen, don't scold and don't allow the dog to see you clean it up, he might get the idea that he is playing an interactive game with you... I poop on the floor and you pick it up!  

If all is going well and your puppy is eliminating outside then you can safely remove the newspaper inside. If you've had to use newspaper outside leave it for about a week longer.  

Havanese are small dogs with small bladders. They need to eliminate every 3-4 hours, except during the night they can make it 7 or 8 hours, less for puppies. Though it is true if you give less water the dog will logically urinate less, I do not recommend this, fresh water should be available at all times.

Lila looking outside Baxter wants to go out Lila obsessed with tennis ball